15-16 Apr 2014 CNIT - Paris la Défense (France)

Scope and Topics

AUN2014 is a research and technological conference. The scope of the conference covers all aspects of the relationship between the airport and the city. 

Latest achievements in European research and the technological developments needed for the next decades will be presented, discussed, shared and debated by all the involved parties.

A broad spectrum of research and innovation activities ranging from basic sciences to application-oriented engineering, as well as social, technical and economic aspects will be covered.

The topics to be addressed are:

- Environmental issues (noise, air pollution, water treatment, biodiversity and wildlife hazard, use of new lights),

- Capacity issues (Human factors)

- Capacity issues (airport infrastructures, terminals and links with the city)

- Airport and City links - The futur

- Constraints related to the operational activity of an airport.

- Management of airport infrastructures

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